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 The rulles of the Guild, Guild vs World [GvW]

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PostSubject: The rulles of the Guild, Guild vs World [GvW]   Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:13 am

1) Always represent the guild, no exceptions, we want loyal and devoted social members. Reasons also for such as that you cant see the guild chat and you do not earn influence for the guild thereby not supporting and helping the establishment of better positions.
2) Anyone offending someone because he does not share your opinion or is different will result in a first time warning if this doesn't change a permanent kick.
3) Never invite anyone to the TS without permission from any of the officers.
4) Be supportive and help fellow guildies.
5) he trial period (1 week) (recruit) is to see how loyal, devoted, social and "who"you are. Do not argue,yell or insult about getting your promotion to the core group or the member status.
6)It's not always about your dungeons help out
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The rulles of the Guild, Guild vs World [GvW]
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